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A question that a lot of brides ask is 'why should i hire a makeup artist on my big day?'

A makeup artist is often something that a bride will leave until last, thinking that doing their own makeup on the day will be ok, spending upwards of £100 on new products to use to apply their makeup themselves. But please consider hiring a professional, the difference on the day will mean your morning is more relaxed, you are not only paying for the makeup the artist uses and the tools she uses, you are paying for their skill and expertise in the best products for your skin type/tone, the best way to apply them and with what type of brushes to give the best finish.

You are investing in a fantastic finish on your pictures....you are spending a lot of money on photographs which capture your special day, you want to look at your very best in the pictures.... a good makeup artist understands the difference between everyday makeup and makeup that needs to be suitable for photographs, they will have researched and practiced their skills and should have a good portfolio and references to back up their claims.
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